Multitasking Fail

Moms have monopolized the market on the ability to multitask.  I mean, honestly, The Husband isn’t even capable of driving and plugging his cell phone into the car charger at the same time without veering into the next lane. Meanwhile, I can drive, eat and talk on the phone all simultaneously. Not that I recommend doing that because I’m sure all of those things together equals extremely distracted driving. It’s not something I strive for but we’ve all been there. Haven’t we?

But even the best of mom multi-taskers can have an epic fail from time to time.

Exhibit A


I was making a new bulk batch of pears for homemade baby food so I had them steaming on the stove. I left them there while I put Little Man down for a nap. I checked them afterwards and they still needed a little bit longer so I decided to go to my office to reply to an email or two. Big mistake!! God knows how many minutes later, The Husband walks into my office and says “Is something burning?” Immediately I know. Fortunately the pears survived. And so did the pot but not without 2 full days of soak, comet, scrub, repeat.

I guess even the best of multi-taskers need to not be so ambitious sometimes.

Until next time Mommas 🙂


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